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In class we investigated about the theme “war poetry” and I will choose the experience we did in class about art as a form of creation, where we had to choose a conflict that was happening nowadays and I choose the conflict of the Argentine sovereignty the Malvinas Islands. During this experience I had to explore about that conflict and I learnt more than I knew. I didn’t know that we already had the sovereignty on the islands since 1833 and that they were invaded by the British in that same year. At the beginning It was difficult for me to choose what conflict I could do, I love reading history books and recently I read a book about the Malvinas war «Malvinas en Primera Línea» written by the second lieutenant Lautaro Jimenez Córbalan and from that book I decided to search for a conflict nowadays that includes the Malvinas. I finally find it, I started to investigate and search information about that, I found the antecedents of the Malvinas islands, first of Spain, then of Argentina and finally the british invaded them.  I was able to find poems and songs about the Malvinas war, some of that poems that I found made have empathy to the soldiers who fought there, also the video excited me because I see that there are still people who continue to consider our heroes. With this project I was able to show my feelings and emotions that I had on that conflict, especially in the Malvinas war which is a conflict that we Argentines continue to consider.

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