Art as a Form of Creation; 2nd post

In this post, we had to search info of an actual conflict in the world, the conflict I choose is  the sovereignty of Argentina over the Malvinas islands. For this work I had to search the countries involved, conflicts, the objective and a possible solution to this. Also we have to add songs, poems, drawings, etc about that conflict. 

Countries involved and conflicts:

  • Argentina🇦🇷:
  • Has it possession over the Malvinas islands since the independence on 1816.
  • It had sovereignty since we were under the rule of Spain since 1494.
  • Took possession of the islands in 1820 to claim the rights over the islands
  • In 1833 with the absence of the British governor of the islands. The Gaucho Rivero and other gauchos made an uprising against the british colonizers.
  • Made an operation “operativo cóndor” in 1966, civilians tried to retake the control over Malvinas but they were arrested and processed.
  • The general Leopoldo Galtieri tried to regain the islands by force in 1982 with the use of the armed forces of Argentina, specially the air forces, naval forces and infantry.
  • The president Mauricio Macri reclaim the Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas islands and the recognition of soldiers fallen in the war.

Great Britain🇬🇧:

  • Has the “right” of sovereignty since 1592.
  • Made an expedition in 1749 with the objective of setting a naval base to attack the Spain colonies.
  • Took possession of the islands in 1833
  • Involved in the Malvinas war, she continues having it control since 1833 till now.

Objective: The objective is the reclaim from part of Argentina by the diplomatic way over the Malvinas islands that are under the rule of great Britain.

Poem: This poem where the voice of it is of the soldiers who died there in Malvinas, that shows their experience of war, the sounds and feelings of the soldiers who died there.

Nosotros que escuchamos sobre

las cabezas el relincho del mortero

que leímos el porvenir en las tripas

de los nuestros

Nosotros que olimos las letrinas del espíritu

que tocamos el temblor de la piedra

como un corazón desesperado

Nosotros que lamimos el meado vientre

de la tierra que persistimos pese a todo

y a nosotros

Somos los que aún permanecemos

en cuclillas los que todavía tenemos

las pupilas como esquirlas candentes

los que a veces nos seguimos

arrastrando por la noche

los que todavía soñamos

con regresar algún día

Prayer: This prayer written by the second lieutenant and war veteran, Marcelo Alberto Llambías Pravaz, describes what the soldiers, like him experienced in that war, like hunger, the solitude of not seeing or receiving letters from their relatives. And worst of all, losing a friend, a partner.

Song: This song composed by Andres Ciro Martinez, member of the band «Ciro y los Persas». In this song he describes what the soldiers suffered during the war, such as hunger, blockades in the cold by the high commanders. Even when the soldiers returned to the war, as this quote describes «Hubo menos héroes muertos en el frente/Que en el campo de batalla del olvido//» that although having lost the war and survived it, what they suffered after this was the neglect on the part of the society that denied them and the state for not giving them the opportunity to get a job or compensation.

Text: This quote of Jorge Maciel, where he talks about that it does not matter what you prepare for a war, you will never know what it is until you really are in it .

“Es lamentable ver en el campo de batalla real la falta de profesionalismo de los cuadros, se supone que están preparados para esa situación. Darse cuenta en ese momento ya es tarde. La falta de toma de decisiones acertadas o no, pone en riesgo la vida de sus subordinados, los que deberán resolver qué hacer por sí solos. Los errores se pagan con sangre.”

Article: This article is about the war veteran Jorge Altieri nicknamed Beto where he with the help of the people . Was able to recover his helmet that was going to be auctioned in an online shop in britain. That helmet for this war veteran represent a lot for him, thanks for that helmet Altieri is now alive and could tell us his story, experience of that war, as many war veterans do, tell us their experience.

Drawing: This drawing was made by me and the helmets (M1) that are the ones the Argentine soldiers used during the war, depicts the soldiers who have fallen there and returned. Also the rifles (FN FAL) represent the soldiers and the tombs of the ones who have died there.

Video: The School of Military Aviation (EAM) organized a campaign to honor the soldiers who fought in the Malvinas War. In the video you see a car that stops in front of the EAM (School of Military Aviation), where there is a group of aspirants. One of them approaches, and the driver asks where there is a service station. The young note that he wears a jacket with a badge of the Malvinas Islands and gets excited. The man, ex-combatant, points to the badge and says: «We swear to defend them and we did that.» Then he leaves, and the aspirants dismiss him with a military salute.


A solution: A solution to this is that Great Britain might return the islands to Argentina to stop this conflict, also because the Malvinas islands are in the maritim space of Argentina. Moreover the British have invaded Malvinas in 1833 to set up a colony since now. And I think that the time of colonialism and imperialism have passed, many countries that were colonies have obtained their independence and I think that Malvinas should have it independence from the British.


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