Letter to Cambridge

Dear Sir/Madam,

I`m writing this letter to ask for a scholarship for artistic studies in Cambridge University, for this I`m going to describe my proyect.

Our art teacher, tolds us to make a proyect that we had to follow till the end of the year. I was decided to draw historical places from other countries but then I decided to draw what I like.

In my first days where I wasn`t decided of what to do, I draw St Bacilio Church of Russia, but then I decided to draw what I like, Horses. Why I like horses? I had been practicing horse back riding for four years and I know a lot about horses, I like to draw them and also to develop different techniques.

All in all, I worked very hard in this proyect, implementing the techniques I learned in art and in riding horses, also I copied different horses from magazines and photos. I would be very glad if you can consider me for a scholarship at your univerity. I will be forward to recieving your answer.


Sofia Mele.


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