News Report- Natural dissaster

In writing skills we had to do a news report of an actual natural dissaster, I make it of Hurricane Irma.

Category 7 Hurricane Strikes Center America

The last 30th of August, a hurricane category 7 known as “Irma”, hit the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean, causing 82 fatalities and a cost of $62.9 billion of damage in its route. It dissipated the 16th September on the Coasts of New England.

Hurricane Irma started by a tropical wave that came from the Wests coasts of Africa, under hot temperatures on water, it reached a category 2 hurricane within 24 hours Irma became a category 3. On September 4, Irma resumed intensifying, becoming a category 5, on the 6th September, this devastating hurricane reached its highest peak intensity, with winds of 295 km/h, two days later, Irma hit the coasts of Cuba, causing 10 fatalities and a cost of $2.2 billion in damages.

This catastrophic hurricane ended with devastation in roads, houses, airports, also causing high temperatures in the countries it’s hit and the evacuation of million of citizen of the areas affected. The countries affected had to pay an amount of $62.9 in reparations.


This didn’t end with the lose of 82 people or damage in infrastructure, the lowest economy in countries like Haiti, would need money and help from others countries to recover.

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