History Sources; Weimar Republic

In history our teacher said us to analyse five sources of the unit » Weimar Republic».

Source 1: We can see the hatress of German People and Hitler towards the Treaty of Versailles, the majority of the terms of the Treaty did not benefit Germany. She was obligated, pay reparations, disarm, lose 10% of its territory, lose all of its overseas colonies and accept the lame of starting World War I. The Treaty of Versailles was seen by Adolf Hitler and the German people that it wanted to ruin Germany.


Source 3: This source is the testimony of a woman that witnessed the Ruhr occupation of Belgian and French troops. Germany did pay a quote of the reparation to the allies, France and Belgium invaded this territory and began to take the money that Germany owe, in form of raw material. This source express the rude treats of the French and Belgian troops towards the German people that lived in the Ruhr.


Source 4: This source is a British Cartoon, The man who is drowning represent Germany, and the other two that are watching represent Great Britain and France. By this, when can see that Britain and France did not have any economic problems, and they see Germany falling. The German economic problems were because of the damage that caused the some terms of the Treaty of Versailles,  Germany asked for a loan to this countries that had a stable economy.


Source 9: In this source, a british historian explain how the germans blamed the reparation s she had to pay on the treaty and the Hyperinflation that the Weimar Republic imposed, Germany blamed the reparations of the Treaty of Versailles and the Weimar Republic because she accepted to pay and supported the Treaty.


Source 13: This is a poster of a film starred by Marlene Dietrich. Germany was in a period where there was more freedom, where arts and culture prospered.


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