Crime Report ; Oral presentation

In class, our teacher Pilar asked us to make a presentation and a summary of a crime report. I took my report from Diary «La Nación». Here is my summary.

This is my summary about a crime report I choose that I take from La Nacion.

They kill a man and wound his wife when they return from dancing

An insurance producer was shot dead and his wife was injured for an attempt of burglary. The incident occurred yesterday where a man was trying to get his car out of the garage but a car prevented him. As the neighbor approached, he saw that the driver was dead and the woman at his side was injured. Immediately he called an ambulance, who take the victim to the hospital in Haedo. According to the neighbord, he asked the women what happened, but she didn’t remember anything about the strike. After the atrocity, members of the Department Headquarters La Matanza affirm that the women vanina Ferrana was divorced of the victim.

However, the couple, who had three children in common, tried to rebuild the relationship and had gone out to a bowling alley at Ramos Mejía last night after leaving the boys in the care of other relatives.

According to the sources and to the postmortem examination, when the couple was taken by surprise because of the firing of a caliber 45 that struck the victim, entered his left armpit and killed him almost immediately. It was reported that the same bullet struck the abdomen of Ferrara and was housed there.

The investigators of the case did not rule out any hypothesis, including that of an attempted robbery by escaped offenders. It is expected that the woman can declare, once recovered, to establish what happened.


Postmortem examination: an examination of a body after death to determine the cause of death
Burglary: act of stealing. 


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