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Sredni Vashtar

In our literature class, Dani told us to work in groups and to analyse one specific paragraph of “Sredni Vashtar”.  I worked with Juana Zufriategui, Luz Esteban and Francisco Aresi and we analysed  the paragraph 15 of it. Sredni Vashtar- … Sigue leyendo

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La Odisea Redes sociales

En lengua mientras leíamos el libro La Odisea, hicimos un trabajo de algún personaje del libro. A mi equipo nos toco Ulises, e hicimos un Facebook. Trabajé con Anouk Laferrere, Trinidad Porretti, Abril Terán Frias y Lucía Caviglione.

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An Astrologer’s Day comic

This is my comic strip about the Astrologers conversation with his wife    

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Uses of pasive voice

This is a video that explains the use of pasive voice, It structure and the uses with different tenses.  

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Differences between solids, liquids and gases on a molecular level.

In the biology class, our teacher Ceci asked us to watch and play with a simulation of the different states of matter on a molecular level. Then, we had to write a paragraph, including pictures, explaining the differences and similarities … Sigue leyendo

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