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Language test

Task 1 Tense review Enter the correct verb tense into each box in the following passage. The base form of the verb is supplied in brackets. Then check your answers by clicking on the button Check answers next to each … Sigue leyendo

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Book Tube «Through a Glass Darkly» by Donna Leon

This is my book tube about the book » Through a GlassDarkly» by Donna Leon

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Biology Questions Chapter 19

In biology class we made questions about chapter 19. I worked in my own. What different types of variation we can found? Give examples. What is the cause of the variation? Give examples of Adaptive features How Darwin`s theory of … Sigue leyendo

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Biology work

In biology we worked with the computers and we answered a multiple choice questions in the BBC website. I worked with Francisco Aresi. Here are the answers: BBC – GCSE Bitesize Science – Evolution _ Answers BBC – GCSE Bitesize … Sigue leyendo

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Trabajo Práctico Formación Ética y Ciudadana

Este es el trabajo práctico de formación ética y ciudadana que se trata de la visita al Congreso de la Nación. Lo hice con Valentina Re, Tomás Braun y Bautista Buljevich.

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