Narrative The Haunted house

This is my narrative about «The Haunted house».

It was a deserted and windy, full moon, no one were on the street and it was midnight. Were my friend and I we saw an abandoned but luxurious house, we decided to enter. While we were walking through the main gate which was full of dry trees, a black cat jumped from a tree. The cat was saying :» The witch has woken up, it’s on the basement !!!».  Ines and I were shocked about what we heard of that cat, however she decided to enter to stop that monster.

The cat that I decided to call Anabeth joined us to our trip to find the witch and told us that the only way to kill a witch is with the sunlight of the morning, because their skin is sensible to the light. Annabeth heard some evil laugh that came from the basement, Ines went first and I followed her at the back. We arrived at the basement where that freak was cooking a poison with a cauldron, the witch saw us and we started to run.


While we were running I saw my clock marking 6:30 am and I realized that was time of the sunrise. Through the windows I could see the sunlight, Ines supposed that it was time to get out and end with the witch. When we got out we see the witch burning with the sunlight there is when Ines decided to keep the secret and to keep Annabeth.

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