The League of Nations

With Lenny we see the topic of The League of Nations,  she make us some questions. We have to answer them in pairs with the person sitting next to you, I answer them with Olivia Obligado.

   History Questions


  1. What were the aims of the league?


     – The aims of the league of nations were:


  • To prevent future conflicts that would be as devastating as the great war.
  • to disarm the world.
  • to enforce the conditions of the treaty of versailles.
  • to better humanity such as the improvement of health, safety and the punishment of slavery.


    2)  What happened to Wilson when he returned to The United States after signing the Treaty of Versailles?


  •  Wilson turned to the USA to put his arguments to the people, but when the congress voted in 1919, he was defeated. One year later, in 1920 he became seriously ill after a stroke. Despite that, he continued to press for the USA to join the league. He took the proposal back to the congress again in March of that year, but they defeated it by 49 votes to 35. Also, Wilson feared that a country of Europe had control over the League.


   3) Why did german immigrants in USA not want to join the league?


  • The german immigrants in the USA didn’t want to join the league because Wilson wanted them to pay reparations because of all the damage she caused during the war.


 4)  What economic reason did USA give to stay out of the League?


  •   Because if the League imposed sanctions it might be American trade and business that suffered most. Another reason is casualties. US people did not want any more dead soldiers.


 5) How did americans feel about imperialism in Europe?


  •   The Americans feared and disliked that a country of Europe like Britain or France would rule the League of nations.


 6) Why did Poland invade Vilna? Why did the League not act about it?


  •   Poland invaded Vilna because before of The Treaty of Versailles, Lithuania was part of the Polish territory. Poland wanted to take control over it. France didn’t stop the polish people because she feared to be involved in a future war with Germany. The league did not act because she was not strongly prepared to act.


 7) Why was upper Silesia an important region for Poland and Germany?

  •   Upper Silesia was an important region for Poland and Germany because it was rich in minerals and natural resources, including industrial areas. At the end, the league oversaw a peaceful plebiscite and divided the region between both countries in dispute. The countries finally accepted.


 8) How did the league solve the conflict in Vilna?


  • The conflict in vilna was a failure due to Poland took control over Lithuania, so they asked for help to the league. The league protested to Poland, but she didn’t pull out. They ended up doing anything.


 9) What did the League decide to do about the Aaland islands?


  • The League ruled a dispute between  Finland and Sweden over the Aalands Islands. Both countries were threatening to go to war, but in the end Sweden accepted the League’s ruling that islands should belong to Finland.


10) Why did Mussolini invade Greece in the Corfu conflict?


  •   Mussolini invaded Greece because while they were controlling the Greece frontier, so he found Tellini and his team ambushed and killed. He was very furious and blamed the greek government for the murder.


11) Why was the league criticised about the resolution in the corfu conflict?


  •  Mussolini refused to let the matter rest. He insisted that this dispute had to be settled by the Council of Ambassadors, because the Council of the League was not competent to deal with this issue.


12) How did the Geneva protocol weaken the league?


  •  The Geneva protocol weaken the league due to the reinforcement they did that consisted on if there was a conflict the countries must present it to the league and they should accept the council’s resolution. Great Britain did not sign it, so many countries did the same as her.


13) Why did Greece invaded Bulgaria in 1915?


  •  Greek troops invaded Bulgaria in 1915 after an incident on the border in which some Greek soldiers were killed.


14) Why did Greece complain that the League “seemed to have one rule for the large states (such as italy) and another for the smaller ones.”


  • Greece complained because she thought that the smaller states were less important than the larger states, and that these ones had certain priorities that the smaller ones didn’t.



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