Rite of Passage of ‘ Games at twilight’ and ‘The Prison’

Rite of Passage of ‘The Prison’.

1)    The unattible object of desire Tony/Tommy was to save the girl to didn’ t be a thief like him.

2)Trespassing: When Tony put the slot machine in the candy store without telling to Rosa and to Rosa father.

3) Dare: Tony save the girl.of being a thief.

4) The ‘Mischief’ that Tony/ Tommy makes is to put a slot machine in the Candy store to have more cash to buy a television to see the fights.

5) The ‘Act of atonement’ that Tony/Tommy is when he comes back from Texas and acept his life working at the Candy Store.

Rite of passage of ‘ Games at twilight’

1)  The unattible object of desire. Ravi want to win the game

2) Trespassing: Ravi decided to enter the shed.

3) Dare: When Ravi entered into the shed he was scared but he have courage to enter.

4) The ‘Mischief ‘ of Ravi is tht when he get out of the shed he cry like a baby.

5) The ‘Act of atonement’ there isn’t an act of atonement because Ravi acts in an immature way





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