Games at twilight questions

Pat made us to answer the questions of pages 22 and 23 from the booklet.  Here are the answers.

  1. Themes and Issues.
  1.  Other of the themes that we have thought for the story are “ Death of innocence and childhood” and “Growing up and maturing is painful”.
  1. How does the writer show that the atmosphere at the beginning of the story is oppressive?
  1.  She shows that the atmosphere at the beginning of the story is oppressive by using vocabulary related to confinement and suffocation , for example when she uses “bloated” “they begged” “choked”, and by how she describes the environment, “the birds still drooped like dead fruit”  ”’dog lay stretched as if dead…. His paws and ears and tails all reaching out like dying travellers in search of water”.

    3)What are your impressions of the following children from the first section of the story?

  1.  -Mira, was the most mature girl of the group and she acted like a mother who restores order as well. The word that the author uses to describe her is “Motherly”. She was responsible.

   – Manu, was the youngest boy of the group and he was very childish. In addition, he felt influenced by the oldest ones of the group and he was very innocent. Physically he was very small and weak.

   – Raghu, was the bully of the group, furthermore, all the children were inspired by him. He was very strong and everyone feared him. Physically, he had long, hefty and hairy footballer legs.

4) The rest of the story focuses in Ravi, the main character. Answer the following questions;

  1. What are Ravi’s feelings at the beginning?

Ravi felt frightened and as if he was in a dark and depressing mortuary. He felt scared because Raghu was near the shed and he could find him. He also felt frightened because the shed was a scary and dark place full of webs, rats and strange insects.

  1.  How is the shed described? why are these details important to understanding Ravi’s feelings

The shed was described as a place full of broken and forgotten things, rats, spider webs and all kinds of insects. There was a probability that there even where snakes.  A place described by the author as “a dark and depressing mortuary”. Moreover the ceiling was very low.  Also, the place has a particular smell of grave.

  1. How does Ravi feel about managing to escape from Raghu at this point of the story?

He felt that it was impossible for him to escape from Raghu’s long legs. However, he felt with self-congratulation as a true winner.

  1. How does Ravi feel as he looks around his new environment?
  1. He felt suffocated. Mainly he was frightened, because he was in a dark and creepy place.
  2.       B) what are his feelings about the people and the environment outside the shed?
  3. His feelings about the people and environment outside the shed were happy. Everyone was playing, laughing and enjoying the afternoon. The night/twilight was approaching and it was getting darker and cooler.

        C)explain his thoughts of victory as he waits in the shed.

  1. He felt with self-congratulatory and proud of himself. He he was a true winner,breaker of records, a champion.
  1. How does Ravi feel as twilight approaches?
  1. He felt as it was time to go and  touch the ‘den’.  He felt that something was going wrong outside the shed.
  2.      B) explain his feelings of misery as he finally runs out of the shed?
  3. He was feeling very disappointed, with rage and pity because his friends had forgotten him and started playing another game without him, and though he was a crying little baby , very childish. He felt insignificant, abandoned, ignored.
  4.       C) how do the others react towards when him he reappears?
  5. The others react as if Ravi was a crying baby and a childish boy who felt important. They didn’t care about him. They thought he was a fool.
  6.        D) what sort of game are they playing and how does this affect Ravi?
  7. They were chanting and clapping. This affected Ravi because he had been forgotten and none of them cared about him

         A)explain “ terrible sense of his insignificance’ which Ravi feels at the end of the story. What lesson has he learned about life?

  1. He learned that he had to grow and it was a painful progress. Maturing is hard. He also learnt that he had to grow and he couldn’t avoid it, it was part of the cicle of life. He lost his innocence, now he was no real.

          B)how does the ending of the story represent a complete reversal for Ravi and his hopes?

  1. In the way that he thought that he was a winner and that the grown up’s would respect him and think he was going to be part of the grown ups group, he was going to be cool. But at the ending he wasn’t nor a winner or a cool boy. The grown ups thought he was a fool and childish boy.


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