Essay Writing: Passion by Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine uses nature to express her feelings about love. In the following essay I’m going to explore the way she articulates her emotions about love using nature .    

              Kathleen expressed herself throughout nature because she felt close to it,  since she was very little. She had an unrequited love , and she suffered a lot due to it. At the beginning she was full of desire for a man who didn’t love her as she did, and she expressed that when she said “Through the mute telephone”  . In this quote we can figure out that she was waiting for a call, from his loved one, that would never come, because he didn’t love her,  she was hoping for something that was hopeless. Raine expressed herself by using nature mostly because her mind was sort of connected to nature,because nature spoke to her.  this quote will help you to understand this, “Then the sky spoke to me in language clear” . She uses personification to express, at the beginning, that she was feeling hurt, that she was suffering, “The sky wounding me”.In addition, during the poem nature speaks to her and motivates her by telling her that she has everything that she wanted and that nature was her essence. If you read the poem, you can see that there is a contrast between the beginning and the ending because at first, she was suffering physically as well as emotionally and in the last stanzas she wasn’t suffering anymore because she was happy because she had everything she wanted. Raine also used hyperbatom to remark them, as if they were a message. Clearly seen in this quotes; “full of desire I lay” she is trying to remark her emotional state; and in this quote, “this your nature is”, the author remarks that that was her essence.

People who read the poem “Passion” realized how fond the author was with nature.  She used nature to express her feelings about love by comparing her feelings with nature, this bond she had with nature was as if nature was her advisor, nature helped her through rough times and told her to move on, “Know now that you are born along with these; Clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas; And forest dwellers” here we understand that nature is trying to make her understand hat she doesn’t need the one she was obsessed with, all she needed was nature, along with a pen and her imagination, she only needed what made her complete, to write. In the fifth stanza, when nature is speaking to her, it tells her that she and nature were one, that nature was her essence, “This your nature is”, this shows that Kathleen realized all the love she had towards nature.  She had to decide if she was going to live optimistically or pessimistically “sleep in the tomb, or breath the living air,” here we can use this quote to understand her two choices: to continue living in pain for the rest of her life, or to find other passions such as writing. Moreover, there are instances when she expresses how she feels through hyperbolic language, she was heartbroken, Nature was a big influence on Kathleen’s life and that is why she uses it to express her feelings about love. She compares the tranquility of nature to the chaos in her soul, “Each tree possessing what my soul lacked, tranquility”.  All these resources help us understand how Kathleen Raine makes use of nature to express her feelings in relation to the love she needed to feel, and how nature makes her understand that it shouldn’t be her unrequited love.

             All in all, Kathleen Raine formulates her feelings about love by using nature, in many different ways, such as personification, hyperbatom, comparisons, etc.

Trinidad Porretti, Sofia Mele and Flor Claps.


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