Monday 21st- Horses

Horses can measure 1.4 to 1.8 meters, but some horses like the Shire can measure 1.8 to 2 meters. They have large ears to listen the dangers, its maximum speed galloping is of 65.5km per hour. They help people with disabilities using the method of the hippotherapy

They are loyal, strong, respectful, friendly and faster. You can train horses using the method of the classic dressage, Argentinian dressage and Australian dressage, we train them for Pato, Polo, hippotherapy, horse races, horseback riding, sulkies races and other.      You have to wash the horse once a day but if its hot and you ride it you have to wash it again, the stable of the horse have to be clean once a day. To stop the horse you have to pull the reins back, to bend to the left you have to pull the reins on the left and to turn right I have to pull the reins on the right



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